When choosing a practical wardrobe for yourself, few people think that custom tailoring of pants is a great idea for this purpose, although it has a number of important advantages:

  • список Guaranteed to be the right fit for you. Those people who prefer to buy ready-made clothes know how difficult it can be to find a thing that really fits. Stylish trousers for men, tailored to your measurements, will not only help you look fashionable, but also provide sufficient lightness and comfort, as they will not squeeze you in motion;
  • список Quality materials. When you purchase pants from a catalog, no one can guarantee that you will receive a 100% quality product. In mass-produced products, there are problems such as color loss and low wear resistance. Moreover, the sewing threads used in the mass production of clothing can also be of poor quality. However, Tempest men's clothing is made from quality fabrics such as cotton and polyester and will last you a long life, saving you time and money;
  • список Tailoring is faster than you think. Some people mistakenly believe that ordering custom items means waiting weeks or even months. Not only is this generally not true today, but in the long run, ordering your pants from an experienced tailor can save you a lot of time and worries. We fulfill your orders promptly, allowing you to simultaneously purchase men's trousers and shorts inexpensively.

How to buy men's pants and shorts to order: Several recommendations


If you plan to buy men's pants to order in the Tempest store, you should adhere to the next steps when cooperation with us:

купити штани чоловічі tempest

  1. Take accurate measurements of your pants or shorts that fit you. Knowing your exact parameters, our master will be able not only to determine the exact size that is needed for sewing trousers, but also to fit the details that are important for a proper fit to fit your figure;
  2. If you decide to give the model for fitting, pay attention to the vertical seams. The more vertical seams, the easier it is to fit the trousers without distorting the design;
  3. Match your pants to your shoes. Whether you decide to buy pants or men's shorts, you need to make sure that your pair of sneakers or boots will match the new clothes. In addition to the style relationship, this will give you an idea of whether you need to hem your trousers;
  4. In the end, you need to have an idea about the prices for custom tailoring, which you can agree with the master in advance.






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