Men's pants - how to choose the right size

There is nothing better than finding a couple of trousers, comfortably sitting on your body and complementing other clothes well. But to choose men's pants, they really suit you, it may be a difficult task. In addition, the dimensions often differ depending on the size and type of cut. The best way to find the desired couple of trousers is to remove your own measurements. Knowing the parameters of your waist and the inner seam, it is much easier to choose the right model.

If you are faced with the problems of choosing the size of pants and shorts, then the Ukrainian manufacturer Tempest will provide you with accurate information on how to determine exactly the model in which you will feel as comfortable as possible.


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What to do if when choosing trousers you did not suit you a table of size of men's clothing?
When choosing pants for men in the Tempest, you can use personal advice from our managers. However, the size can also be determined independently by correctly measuring the parameters of your body. To do this, you must know the length of the waist, which is measured by a measured ribbon from one side of the belt to the other and is multiplied by two. It is easy to learn how to measure the waist of the waist for trousers: when making measurements, it is important to place the tape on the waist area where the belt will hang.

If you purchase ordinary jeans, then most likely you will only need a dimensional grid of men's trousers with standard dimensions. However, you must also take into account the type of style of the model that you choose. For example, Kargo's men's pants with a high waist will sit differently than men's jogers with a low waist.

The internal seam is measured from the intermediate seam to the bottom of the leg. There is a certain confusion regarding its definition, because many people believe that this is just the length from the waist to the bottom of the leg, which is actually an external seam.

To correctly determine the inner seam, measure the length from the groin to the lower ankle. The inner seam will tell you how long your perfect pair of trousers should be. To get accurate measurements, place the measuring tape as high as possible on the inside of the thigh. Pressing the measured tape to the leg, measure the lower part of the ankle. Remove this measurement with worn shoes.

It may be useful to ask someone to make this measurement for you. If it is difficult for you to make measurements on yourself, try to determine the inner seam of old trousers sitting well on you.

However, due to the individual characteristics of the figure, a situation often occurs when the usual dimensional grid of men's pants does not help choose the right model. What should be done in this case?

Then choose, because our online store allows you to return the model for any reason without unnecessary problems with the return of the funds, as well as replace the size or to fit the model for free if it has not suited you. In addition, the manufacturer of men's clothing TEMPEST offers individual sewing services, taking into account your wishes in size and style.